There Is a Twilight Cookbook, and It’s Awful


Today in Adventures in Shameless and Unauthorized Cross-Promotion: Somebody has written a Twilight cookbook, called, yes, Love at First Bite. While none of us at Fork in the Road can claim to be fans of the series or begin to understand its effects on fully grown women, the book is a creepy testament to how it’s no longer even vaguely necessary to have a good or particularly original idea for a cookbook, or for a cookbook to even be about food.

Also, we appreciate good comedy, and the customer reviews on Amazon provide plenty. They’re largely of the “I am embarrassed to have made such a stupid purchase” variety, though one takes pains to point out the book’s factual errors. On the subject of “Team Edward Tacos,” which contain beef, one reader says, “First of all, Edward is a vegetarian! So, [I don’t know] why there is a beef rendition … that would seem more like Team Jacob … which is totally not cool with us Team Edwarders.”

Also totally not cool? “My boyfriend was all choking and stuff and thought I was stupid when I showed him the cook book. Also, it doesn’t even tell you how to make the heart in the apple … and I was all like WTF?!”

Which is a question that’s been on our minds as well.