Watch R. Kelly Kick Off the 2010 World Cup in South Africa


The song is “Sign of a Victory,” R. Kelly’s Soweto Spiritual Singers-assisted bonkers paean to the evils of global warming and the glory of rainbows, the light at the end of the tunnel, the spirit of nations, sung with the bombastic, reality-denying conviction that is Kelly’s signature. He performed it in front of 84,490 people at Soweto’s Orlando Stadium at the start of the World Cup festivities today, but Kellz has been preparing for this moment a long time: in order to write “Sign of A Victory,” he told the Wall Street Journal, Kelly ran drills with the Chicago Fire soccer team, watched Invictus, and “bought some books about soccer from Borders.” Now look where he is. Make sure to watch to the end the clip, when the South African version of Bumblebee Man shows up, and Kellz finishes–how else?–on his knees.