BP Protesters Take to the Streets, New York Times Building


Today is Worldwide BP Protest Day. Have you heard about the damage they’ve done? Oil is still flowing into the Gulf of Mexico, at a rate of around 1.7 million gallons a day. From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., one New York City meeting spot for angry environmentalist or lonely singles is the New York Times Building, on Eighth Avenue between 40th and 41st streets. We spoke to the event’s NYC organizer yesterday and she did “not know what to expect,” but planned to “express frustration at the inaction, understatements, finger-pointing and the death and destruction of our oceans, beaches, ecosystems, and local ways of life.” How’s it going up there, guys?

Man about the city Newyorkist has been reporting via Twitter, beginning by writing that around 10:44 a.m., minutes before the thing was supposed to start, he was alone. Barely a minute later, a crowd of a dozen showed up, but by 11, a security guard had already moved the modest group away from the building toward the curb.

But why the Times? New York City organizer Lauren McGowan explained yesterday:

The Times ran full-page BP ads a few weeks ago, so they’ve accepted BP ad money (along with a bunch of other media outlets). Last night I saw an ad with Tony Hayward talking about how BP is “taking responsibility” — but when you’re really responsible, you don’t spend money on PR. After the protest, we’re hoping to start a letter-writing campaign for anyone who took money for an ad to give it back to actually help the Gulf.

Hopefully people are just having a tough time getting out of bed this morning (ahem, sorry) and the crowd will continue to blossom until the people can show those media thugs what they’re really all about. For now, via NYC The Tumblr, the demonstration looks something like this:

Photos via NYC The Tumblr