Hot Banker Debrahlee Lorenzana is Not Done Yet, Starting Anti-Sexual Harassment Group


We showed the beautiful Debrahlee Lorenzana to the world and now they can’t get enough of her. She made a splash in photos, on Facebook, on television, in fashion, and all over the rest of the internet. Today, she’s in the newspaper again, like a true local celeb, and she has big plans for the future.

Not only is Lorenzana now meeting with a more high-powered attorney to take on her case against CitiBank, who she claims fired her unfairly for being too hot, but via the Daily News, we learn of Lorenzana’s selfless plans, too:

Lorenzana — who’s admitted to having had plastic surgery to enhance her now-famous assets — was also at the Sugar Dining Den & Social Club, in Carle Place, LI, Thursday night, meeting with owner Brian Rosenberg to discuss forming Women Against Sexual Harassment. Rosenberg told us, “We want Deb to be a role model for all women who are harassed.”

Putting fame to good use is always Village Voice-approved.