Sixteen-Year-Old Sailor Abby Sunderland Rescued at Sea, Bound to Do It Again


What’s with these children who can’t sit still and enjoy their Tamagotchis or whatever? Start a blog or something. Be safe! Instead, Abby Sunderland, like her brother Zac, insisted on sailing around the world alone. Expectedly, this is tough to do, and Thursday things got scary. Sunderland sent out two distress signals and many feared her lost at sea, or worse, capsized, floating on the bottom of her boat. But she’s been saved!

Via the Los Angeles Times:

Sunderland was reported to be in good health after being plucked from her damaged vessel 2,000 nautical miles off western Australia by the crew of the French fishing ship the Ile De La Reunion at 7.45pm AEST.

The crew of the Ile De La Reunion, a considerably larger vessel than Sunderland’s Wild Eyes, dispatched a smaller boat to pick her up.

Whew. But knowing teenagers like this — the kind who not only have to do dangerous things, but do them in the most extreme way possible, and alone — Sunderland will take this frightening misstep and near-tragedy as motivation, and she’ll be back at sea as soon as she’s allowed.

That is, of course, unless her parents, shaken by the sheer terror of their child lost at sea, lay down the law and buy her a kinda fast car or something. But, uh …

His daughter safe and sound on a French fishing vessel that rescued her in the Indian Ocean, Laurence Sunderland says he’d not only let her try again to sail around the world solo — he’d “absolutely endorse that wholeheartedly.”

In the inestimable wise words of John Mayer, daughters will love like you do. They’ll also sail around the world, if you let them.