Millions Flood New York City Streets For National Puerto Rican Day Parade


Either you’re a part of it or you’re in their way. Beginning this morning at 11 a.m., the National Puerto Rican Day Parade started crawling up Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue with equal, if not more, fervor than your average World Cup goal celebration. Scheduled for the second Sunday in June of every year, the parade combines massive floats, hoards of marchers, celebrities and politicians for a day of singing, dancing, eating and walking, from 44th Street to 86th Street and beyond. Have a report from the streets or you overlooking window? Send it in!

This year’s king is Mr. Jennifer Lopez himself, the singer and actor Marc Anthony (pictured), who replaced Osvaldo Rios, who’s domestic violence conviction made him a poor choice.

Enjoy the show and again, get in touch with any news from the streets. I’ll be holed up in Brooklyn with my Marc Anthony CDs, praying somebody brings me some pastelitos.

Oh, and just don’t be a Kramer:

(photo by DeCrow via AP)