Andrea Peyser Takes on Debrahlee Lorenzana; Gets Called Jealous By Her Own Readers


Trust Andrea Peyser to know the “sweaty stench of a lady’s desperation as she watches her biological clock wind down, along with her fame” when she sees it: She tackles the phenomenon of Debrahlee Lorenzana in her column in today’s Post and despite her imploring us to “call off the bod squad,” she devotes 553 words to the plight of the former Citibanker.

Of note, people thus far have pretty much refrained from bringing Debrahlee’s kid into the media spotlight. Peyser goes there, with a quote from ex-banker Carla Murphy: “The only reason I hope she wins her case is so that boy can get some good therapy.”

Even the New York Post’s commenters don’t seem to be having it, however:

Having a writer from the NY Post complaining about ethics is laughable. This newspaper’s and its owner are almost singlehandidly responsible for this culture of tabloid journalism that make women like this Debrahlee a “celebrity.” It’s just a matter of time until this woman gets a TV show, and the Post is a big reason for her celebrity. Yet, this writer from the Post is trying to tear her down. I guess you can have it both ways.


Andrea, a bit jealous? Sounds like it to me. Your editors should have edited down some of the hard hitting reality revealing jealousy of this woman. If you don’t like her, leave her alone. Why add to the 15 minutes unless of course, you are trying to hitch a ride.

Meanwhile, Slate gets into the Debrahlee game, asking, “Is it illegal to fire someone just for being too sexy? Should it be?”