@BPGlobalPR Unmasked, Just Your Average White Dude


Slate’s The Big Money has the first-ever exclusive (shadowed profile) photo of someone that no one paid any attention to 50-some days ago, Mr. @BPGlobalPR, who goes by “Terry” on his irony-laced black-comedy-gold Twitter feed. Terry appeared at Twtrcon (an ultra nerdy Twitter meetup) today clad in a ski mask, top hat, and fake nose, keeping his @BPGlobalPR persona on the whole time.

But not content to be so deceived, The Big Money made like they were paps and watched, and waited, and bided their time. Since New York cab drivers are a suspicious lot, Terry had to take off his mask to get one to stop, and at that very moment, TBM skillfully snapped this Ron Gallella-esque masterpiece.

Get this: He’s your average white guy! Just like us! (“Guy” used in the gender neutral sense, of course. Click to enlarge.)

Clad in Vans, a black pea coat, a kelly green (BP?) tee, and a black cap, Terry really could be anyone who didn’t dress well for today’s muggy conditions, and/or one of our ex boyfriends. But therein lies his exact appeal. Behind the face of no one is…anyone. Plus, the more he shrouds himself in mystery, the more we want to know. This guy didn’t get a Twtrcon invite for nothing.

Nonetheless, we’re amused that fake Twitter celebrities are crossing over into the point of real (semi) celebrity, and we’d like to warn @FakeAPStylebook: Next time you chow down on that cheeseburger, watch your back. You never know who might be behind you with a Canon.

If “Terry” looks familiar to you, or you are him, get in touch!