File Under Things That Make No Sense: Drake Playing a Free Outdoor Show Tomorrow With Hanson and Ninjasonik


This seems like a great recipe for a riot: New York Times Arts & Leisure cover boy Drake playing a free show in the rap capital of the world on the day his sure-to-be-#1 Thank Me Later hits stores. With teen-pop survivors Hanson. And local art-rap pranksters Ninjasonik. So if the sheer popularity of the headliner doesn’t do the South Street Seaport in, leave it to the three separate fanbases who will surely show out in force to level the docks in an ineffectual, Canadians rap fans vs. aging teeny-boppers vs. Bushwick 40 oz.-drinkers all out brawl. Still, since Drake is about to be one of the more famous rappers on the planet, we’re going to go ahead and guarantee this is the last time you’ll be able to just go wander down to the south end of Manhattan and see him for free, like it’s nothing. Summer concert season, you make zero sense, but we kind of love you anyway. [Paper]