Happy 64th Birthday to The Donald, Our Favorite NYC Bajillionaire


Cheers to 64 years of life for the most famous rich man in New York City. Donald Trump, the property giant, socialite, outspoken Apprentice host, and rich rich dude, celebrates 64 years of life today. His nickname, The Donald, conjures images of his age-denying comb-over, pursed lips, beautiful past and present wives, and five children whose ages range by 29 years. This week, the name also reminds us of a recent Page Six article about Trump wooing Lindsay Lohan to star in an upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice — a questionable, and probably fabulous, business decision, as usual.

To celebrate The Donald in all his glory, we put together a collection of defining photos.

We’ll start with the most flattering. Young collegiate Donald’s looking good here.

If someone told The Donald of the previous photo that his hair would someday look like this, he probably would have wept.

Once this photo surfaced, we bet he told his hair stylist, “You’re fired!”

…Which is probably what he’s saying here.

Here’s a nicer photo of Donald and his wife, Melania, with their son, Barron, at an event a couple years ago. Notice the awkward clown in the back. Surprisingly, Barron isn’t crying. The kid probably cries money, anyway — you know, a genetic trait.

And here he is with his other kids…cheesin’ real big for the photo.

Here’s a Donald photo from when he was a bit sleepy. It’s sort of sweet — he doesn’t look the least bit intimidating.

And that concludes our Trump round-up. May we all be so rich and successful someday that people blog random photos from our lives for an unremarkable birthday. Chin chin!