Here We Have The Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra Covering Animal Collective’s “My Girls.” Oh Yes.


Were we all aware that this existed, the Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra? That it “plays big Latin arrangements of some of the best indie music”? And what better way to announce yourself than by tackling the best indie-music song of all time? Ridiculous a concept as this may be, once it gets going (four minutes in or so) it sounds… markedly less ridiculous. No shows scheduled yet, but they’ve got a few other tunes up, including a version of TVOTR’s “Wolf Like Me” that’s even more bonkers.

Or, if you prefer, Camera Obscura’s “Lloyd, I’m Ready to Be Heartbroken” (those horns!)

And finally, “Alala,” by C.S.S.

This is all not nearly as bad as you might expect, but yeah, it’s pretty much twice as preposterous. Happy Monday.