Live: Pocahaunted and Sleep Over Prove to Be Too Much for the New Fans at Glasslands


News flash: Glasslands has installed high-powered fans. Instead of reveling in your and your neighbors’ funk, the club has done you a solid. Maybe now we won’t leave every show completely drenched? That’s what we thought, anyway, when we first stepped into the Kent Ave. club on Saturday night for Sleep Over from Austin, TX and Pocahaunted from Los Angeles, two bands that work in a similar musical vein, though they affect the audience in very different ways. While Sleep Over’s reverb-drenched harmonies and swelling crescendos inspire wanderlust and even a zen-like mindset, Pocahaunted make hard, funky, psychedelic music that people actually seem inclined to dance to. The fans whirred and were effective for half of Sleep Over’s set; by the time Pocahaunted took the stage, the room was filled and it was back to your standard steamy rock club summer show. At least all the sweating makes you feel like you’re a part of something?