New Subway Sign Reads What V Train Riders Think: FML


Subway signs recently updated to reflect the June 28 removal of the V and W lines are as bold in color as the previous signs, but some are much bolder in message, like the ones at 14th Street and Sixth Avenue, which spell “FML” with subway symbols.

OMG, LOL, how did this oversight sneak by the MTA? I mean, really, WTF?

FML, or “Fuck My Life” is a slang term that has boomed in popularity in recent years, even becoming its own Internet meme. And it’s no wonder, since we’re facing a multitude of problems big and small, like an oil spill, two ongoing wars, bros who won’t stop icing bros, and now this — subway cuts.

Chin up, New Yorkers. Things will get better, even if our subway signs send messages like disgruntled texting teens. The question is: Is the MTA trying to send us a subliminal message? We’ve reached out to them and will update with any info.