Starbucks Continues to Try to Make You Like Them, Offers Free Wifi Starting July 1


There’s yet another reason to continue our conflicted relationship with Starbucks, where on one hand, the coffee generally features an aspect that you might call either “burnt” or “like urine” (and, hey, it’s just an opinion, we’re sure some love it), but even if you don’t, the bathrooms are reliably there when you really have to go, and sometimes any coffee is better than no coffee. Also, a boon in the hot summer months are those two little words: air conditioning. We’d put up with a lot for air conditioning. Today, the ubiquitous coffee provider has announced that they’re partnering with Yahoo and doling out free Wifi along with their not-so-free frapps starting July 1.

According to TechCrunch,

When you go to Starbucks and log-in to Wifi, you’ll be served with targeted content and news from Yahoo. You’ll get free versions of content from WSJ, Zagat, New York Times, USA Today, and free pick of the week iTunes download.

This, apparently, is Starbucks’ way of developing a better relationship with the consumer. Per CEO Howard Shultz, “The rules of engagement in building a major brand have changed forever. The consumer is so cynical and distrusting of everything, there has to be a level of intimacy and trust.”

Intimacy, trust, hot liquids, the Internet…riiiight.