Study: Younger Men + Older Women = a Match Made in Sexy-Time Heaven


Interspersed between a lot of Roger Ebert-referencing and The Graduate plot-dissecting, Psychology Today gets to the point and presents an argument in favor of the May-December relationship, with women being the “colder” month in this particular situation. According to researchers from the University of Texas at Austin, women who are in the 27 to 45 range “experience a heightened sexuality in response to their diminishing fertility.”

Studies determined that these women:

• thought more about sexual activities and had more frequent sexual fantasies than those in the other groups
• had more intense sexual fantasies than the younger group, though not the menopause group
• had sexual intercourse more frequently than the younger group, with no significant difference in the menopause group
• were more willing than the other two groups to engage in sex after knowing someone for one month, one week, and even one evening

Which means, in laymen’s terms, these cougars want to get it on. And so, dating site OkCupid advises that men between 22 and 30 who usually tend to look for women younger than themselves, “would be well-served to expand their search upwards, to women in their thirties and forties.”

A science-friendly, forward-thinking Craigslist poster has caught wind of this study and hopes to harness its wisdom for himself:

Of course, the study does fail to point out things like emotional and intellectual compatibility and maturity levels and the fact that most 30 or 40-something women prefer a guy who doesn’t live with his parents or who’s always bumming condom-money, but we all know that’s nothing compared to great sex.

For those of you too frightened to Google: here you go.