Three Days In the Life of Jay-Z, A Man Whose Weekend Was Way, Way Better Than Yours


Friday, June 11th: Isle of Wight Festival

Oh, what am I doing Friday night? Yeah, I don’t really know. Maybe fly to England and open the Isle of Wight Festival. Kanye West said he might come through and do “Run This Town.” Thinking I’ll maybe play in front of a tens of thousands of people wearing this pair of overlong black shorts, just because I can.

Saturday, June 12th: Bonnaroo

Saturday? Oh, might skate to Bonnaroo, back across the ocean. Might not even change my clothes. There’s actually this comedian I really want to meet, his name’s Aziz Ansari:

Sunday, June 13th: The Tony Awards

Yeah, Sunday I think we’re just taking it easy. Heading back to New York, gonna wash these shorts, they’re filthy. Then a quiet evening at the Tony Awards, watching Fela! get shafted with the wife. Might give Will a pound–his kid’s a movie star now!