“Tired Of The Bar/Club Scene?”


“Want to socialize sans the drunks, drugs and drama?”

(Yes, there’s a press release coming on, but it’s a really good one, so put down your tequila bottle and listen up. Yes, I’m talking to you, Lindsay.)

“You might want to join the ‘Smart Party’…a hot, hip yet a healthy alcohol-free social alternative.

“After looking at life through martini, wine, shot, champagne glasses for 22 years, Lynn Earley stopped drinking and took a long sober look around.

“The Ultimate Party Girl, ex-stripper, ex NYC topless dancer then realized that booze-free venues did not exist. Now sober 23 years, she founded the Smart Party, an arts-based dynamic that combines the creative energies of musicians, artists, dancers, singers, photographers, etc. and produces fabulous multi-media venues, where spirits are high, yet not available for public consumption.

“The group is not AA related and is targeted to the general public.

“Ms. Earley wishes to provide society with a much-needed exciting alcohol-free choice. Anyone interested in joining or helping the group find a permanent space, can contact Lynn at, on Facebook, or go to Smart Party in NYC Without Alcohol at;

“A message to Ms. Lohan…it IS possible to enjoy a wild, sexy night out, without getting hammered. We’re inviting you to join us!”

Come on, Lindsay. For once you can go somewhere where your ankle bracelet won’t be buzzing.