Update: MTA’s “FML” Subway Sign to Change


FML, just when New Yorkers had a funny little inside joke, the MTA had to go ahead and squash it!

The subway sign we wrote about earlier today — the one that spells out FML (a commonly recoginized pop-culture acronym for “Fuck My Life”) — will be changed so that the “L” appears underneath the “FM,” according to MTA spokesman, Charles Seaton. How very polite.

Seaton said “Absolutely no one [at the MTA] was aware” of FML’s crass connotation. “Except for the press, we’ve had no reaction to it,” he added. Now that it’s been brought to their attention, it will be fixed within the next few days, he said.

We hate it when bloggers have too much fun with everyday minutiae and ruin an amusing joke. But to let it slide would have been like not telling your friend she has broccoli between her front teeth — funnier when you notice subtly, but difficult not to blurt out. FML.