Video: CNN Discovers “Underground New York Fight Clubs,” or Dudes Illegally Kicking Shit Out of Other Dudes


Reporters like to report on things that people do illegally once they find a few instances of it (or maybe just one!) because they can typically make it look really crazy and like something people need to know about, even though it’s been happening for a while, quite often, and isn’t really news.

Whatever. Here’s CNN showing you a bunch of dudes kicking the shit out of each other — illegally, though with rules, and not in a dank, dark, underground basement with a plot to cure the world of capitalism or the chiseled faces of Hollywood Hotties — because it’s apparently happening. New York is, in fact, one of the states where Mixed Martial Arts fighting is outlawed, and thus, like everything else that’s outlawed, people are doing it:

Isn’t the first rule of this that we’re not supposed to talk about it? This is like that time those dorks beat each other up in Union Square, except the dorks discovered ‘roids and are — kinda? — trying not to get arrested. Next thing you know, they’ll be telling us about people playing cards for money, illegally.