Wanna Be a TJ (Twitter Jockey)? How About for 100K?


Remember the show Wanna Be a VJ that was on MTV about a decade ago? It was a contest show hosted by Carson Daly, and MTV awarded the winner a one-year contract to be a video jockey on Total Request Live. (Remember TRL?)

Well, the Web 2.0 version of the VJ search is calling for open nominations here as part of a summer-long TJ contest that ends with the live MTV Follow Me finale show on August 8.

If you think that TJ sounds like a glorified internship, you’re wrong! The first-ever MTV TJ will make $100,000 a year. Um, this person better be Tweeting the secrets to eternal life for that salary. Not that Tweeting isn’t the secret to eternal life…

Besides all that, “Twitter Jockey” is a fun name. So fun, in fact, it might actually attract Twitter followers for that reason alone. But without the cheeky job title, the concept of social media whiz/normal person in front of a camera has already been pioneered by Kathie Lee and Hoda on the Today show with their digital fan liaison, Sara Haines. Haines is the show’s “Contributing Correspondent,” which looks a bit more grown up on a business card than “Twitter Jockey.” But both sound better than “secretary to the digital world,” which is closer to the truth. That’s not to say that the perfect VJ doesn’t have to be trustworthy, spunky, authoritative, and witty — they do. That’s why there is such an intense contest for the gig.

MTV has already chosen 18 contestants, with the last two slots will be filled by the open call. Throughout a series of “personal and social” challenges, the group of 20 will be whittled down to five for the finale show, during which viewers can vote for their favorite contestant via text message.

Wait — text message? Seems a little old-school for a Twitter contest, but I guess the TJ will have some digital policy changes to enact. Now, if they would only bring back the older, fatter, Total Request Live Carson Daly for the occasion — you know you had a crush, too.

Follow the contest on Twitter here.