Avenue A Probably Won’t Get a Fishmonger, but May Get a ‘Simple Italian Cafeteria’


Community Board 3 held their SLA committee meeting last night, and from the sounds of it, it was quite a rough ride for many restaurant and bar owners. EV Grieve attended, and has a thorough account of the epic struggle meeting. Among the highlights: The board denied a liquor license application from Keith Masco, the proprietor of the would-be fishmonger/restaurant/cocktail bar at 171 Avenue A.

Elsewhere on Avenue A, Frank Prisinzano of the Supper/Frank/Li’l Frankies juggernaut revealed his plans to turn the former Graceland grocery and deli into a “simple Italian cafeteria.” Although Prisinzano warned the crowd that the landlord was also considering a 7-Eleven and two banks for the space, the board was ultimately deadlocked, thanks in part to numerous accounts of problems with crowd control and vomiting patrons at Prisinzano’s other establishments. The restaurant’s fate will be decided on June 22 during the full board meeting.