Bernie Kerik’s Cyber-Jail Break: Posts Blog From Prison Cell


Who is the world’s most unstoppable blogger? Who brings us the truth no matter how hard the Powers-That-Be try to stop him?

The award goes – hands down – to Bernard B. Kerik, the convicted felon and former city police commissioner who is still managing to publish his blog even while incarcerated at the federal detention center in Cumberland, Maryland.

Kerik’s cyber-jail break came on June 7, just three weeks after federal authorities dispatched him to that mid-Atlantic gulag to commence his four-year stretch for fraud. Here’s a snatch of the latest truth that he wants us to hear about our imperiled national security:

“I along with several others had predicted that some of our greatest threats would eventually come from within, from home grown and naturalized citizens who were radicalized and hated this country. It is realistically our deadliest and most dangerous threat as these people are like chameleons amongst us.”

News of the former PC’s samizdat messaging from behind prison walls comes via that veteran Kerik tracker Len Levitt on his great NYPD Confidential web site.

Writes Levitt: “According to a source expert in prison ways, Kerik is allowed to write authorized emails using ‘Corrlinks,’ a service that bills itself as ‘a way for family and friends to communicate with their loved ones incarcerated in prison.’ “The inmate has to register the individual, that person receives authorization to accept the emails,” says the source. “They monitor everything he says.”

Bureau of Prisons officials had no comment for Levitt about this apparent run-around by the man who was almost our Secretary of Homeland Security.
For that matter, there’s not much of an update on Kerik’s biography on the site. He remains “one of the most accomplished law enforcement executives in the United States” with “more than 100 awards for meritorious, heroic and public service” without mention that he is also Prisoner #84888-054 with a scheduled release date of 07-30-2013.