Kurt Cobain always maintained, so fervently that it rang like a plea for clemency, that Nirvana’s massive success could have easily been Hüsker Dü’s or the Melvins‘—those bands deserved it, too, and were part of the same post-punk ilk. But in the early-’90s siege of Nirvana comparisons, those groups didn’t have space to fully bloom; the Melvins are still kicking, though, with their lumbering, Sabbath-inspired guitar and cavernously heavy drums. The formula has remained more similar than not since their mid-’80s Aberdeen, Washington, start—despite a decent stint on Atlantic Records, their oozing pace demands an indie labels’ indulgence—and it’s worth all the returned listens. With Isis and Totimoshi.

Fri., June 18, 7 p.m., 2010