Hooters Girls Have the Answer to Plugging the BP Oil Spill: Put a Stocking in It


In the wake of the biggest oil spill — and, potentially, environmental disaster — in history, leave it to the girls from Hooters to save the day. The chain’s buxom waitresses are donating their panty hose to create booms (floating barriers to contain the spill) that would absorb the oil blanketing the Gulf of Mexico in a slick of orange reminiscent of the color of the girls’ tight, short shorts.

More than 100,000 pairs of laundered hose will be stuffed with hair, fur, and fleece in an effort to absorb up to 1 million gallons of oil. Project Pantyhose is collecting stockings from 380 domestic locations over a four-week period in the hopes of building 15 miles of booms, each of which can be reused eight times to reach the 1 million-gallon goal.

Talk about your Hooters girls with hearts of gold.