Jack Kerouac’s Last Typewriter Hits the Auction Block


History-philes and Beat-philes will love this one: Christie’s is auctioning off Jack Kerouac’s last typewriter. It’s an awesomely vintage-green Hermes and in good working condition, just the right deco note for your totally retro studio apartment, should you have a spare $20,000 to $30,000 hanging around.

Kerouac used it from 1966 until his death in 1969 to write numerous letters to his agent, Sterling Lord, demanding royalties, among other things:

Per Christie’s:

“Where are the ROAD royalties to 6/30/66,” he asks on 18 January 1967, “and same royalties (6/30/66) for SUR… Great time of stress. Need money to fence-in magnificent part wooded yard.”

He also wrote his novels Vanity and Pic on the machine.

Okay, we’re drooling a little bit.