Lightning Strikes BP Drill Ship; People Start to Wonder


First Jesus, now BP. Lightning is smiting things all over the place! A bolt struck a drill ship siphoning oil from the Gulf of Mexico today, starting a fire that stopped efforts to contain the leak. Temporarily, thank…ahem.

Per Yahoo News,

BP PLC spokesman Bill Salvin told The Associated Press that the drill ship called the Discoverer Enterprise resumed processing oil Tuesday afternoon, about five hours after the fire caused an emergency shutdown. Engineers on the ship have been siphoning about 630,000 gallons of oil a day through a cap on top of the well. He said there was no damage reported to the containment cap, and the Coast Guard approved BP restarting the system.

Also, apparently, Salvin assures us, this kind of thing happens all the time “in this type of situation” and there are “safeguards in place.”

Which eases our minds not at all considering “this type of situation” and the ostensible “safeguards in place” that failed to prevent it, but you gotta have faith, we guess. Or stay away from tall objects in bodies of water, at the very least. It is hurricane season.