Paula Abdul Is Nice!


I know that’s not much of an item — don’t worry, I’ll go back to Hitler bashing in a minute — but the ex American Idol star is really good to her fans.

At the Tony awards after-party at Rockefeller Plaza on Sunday, Paula stood in full view in a crowded room and let herself be accosted by anyone who cared to do so. And there were swarms of them!

She even smiled a 1,000-watt smile and posed for photos with the oglers, indulging their nonstop bouts of “Just one more,” “Can we try again? The camera didn’t work,” and “How about one with my wife, too?”

She was such a trooper, I assumed the woman was being positively stoic until I realized that this was clearly a choice.

Paula enjoys being nice and obviously feeds off the attention she gets from strangers or she would surely have hidden herself in a corner the whole night rather than position herself in the middle of traffic without protection.

And that’s really refreshing.

I think.

(Paging Dr. Freud.)