Reminder: MediaBistro Founder Laurel Touby Has More Money Than Her Husband, You, Me, Basically Everyone in New York Media


Monolith-helming corporate magnates not withstanding, as far as NYC media types go, Laurel Touby is loaded. She can and will stunt on you. The former freelance writer founded MediaBistro — that website with the jobs and the pricy seminars for people who don’t actually get paid to write and the newsy blogs and the morning media news mailer with an abnormally high open rate because its readers are all insane — and sold it for a grip of cash (Twenty. Three. Milli.) right before everything went to hell. That was two years ago. What’s she up to now?

What do you think she’s up to? She’s still rich as fuck, as explained in an interview with Blisstree, the narrative crux of which is basically THIS WOMAN WAS ONE OF US, ONCE. NOW SHE IS STUPID-LOADED, AND SHE WILL PROBABLY BE THE ONLY ONE. LET US STARE AND LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH HER (MONEY).

For example, the first five questions:


  • Long before you sold Mediabistro (the company you founded) for many millions of dollars, did you care who made more money, you or your then-boyfriend?
  • Do you care who makes more money now that you’ve sold Mediabistro, and that boyfriend is your husband?
  • You made a lot of money when you sold Mediabistro to WebMediaBrands. Do you consider that money yours alone or yours and your husband’s?
  • Independent of you, your husband, Jon Fine, is a successful, respected journalist – he’s a former BusinessWeek columnist, covered the media for Ad Age, and is an on-air commentator for CNBC. Does he mind that you make more money than he does right now?
  • Do you think men and women are too hung up on titles and salaries?


You…think? Considering the next three questions are…


  • How has having millions (somewhat suddenly) changed you?
  • How has the money changed your relationship with your husband? Family? Friends?
  • Have you ever considered not working and just living off your investments?


…and there are only eleven questions in the interview?

Eh, maybe.

But credit where credit’s due, this is good reporting. Truly. Because when you get down to it, there are the matters one really isn’t desperate to read Laurel Touby’s takes on — like editorial strategy, what she thinks is happening or is going to happen to the media, who she thinks is doing the right or wrong things today in media, how the media job market has changed — because everyone has an opinion about those ridiculous things, none of which matter if you don’t have any money. But question of questions:

Any plans for a new venture?

Yes. To figure out what it is I need to do before I die.

By which she means figuring out which Jesus Piece will go best with her boas. BALLER STATUS.