Self-Amputating Connecticut Man Is Hard-Core and Deserves a New Boiler and a New Arm


This week, in West Hartford, Connecticut, Jonathan Metz lived through a scene so horrific it belongs in the Saw series. On June 7, he went into his basement to fix his boiler, but when he reached behind it to retrieve a dropped piece of his Shop-Vac, his arm got stuck and his circulation was stifled. Lodged in the same position for two days, his arm began to decay. Flash-forward: Police found Metz with his arm nearly amputated on June 9, after a friend called and reported him missing.

The Daily News relayed Metz’s experience:

“As luck would have it, I had the blades that I use with some of my power tools. I didn’t have any of the actual saws themselves, I had the blades,” Metz said.

“It took me about six hours to get myself to the point where I was capable, after about 18 hours of being trapped, I fashioned a tourniquet out of the shirt I was wearing,” he said.

“The cut was going well, surprisingly well for about halfway through, when I hit an artery or vein and the level of blood that began coming out of the wound became alarming.”

A doctor from Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center said that by amputating, Metz stopped toxins from his decaying arm from spreading, and therefore saved his own life.

Without missing a beat, workers from Automatic TLC Energy have already installed a new boiler in Metz’s home. I assume they left enough space in front of the wall so that this never happens again, ever.

Though this is a really sweet gesture, Metz obviously has bigger concerns than the fate of his boiler. People can make donations at this site to help fund a new prosthetic arm.

Donate, guys. Karma’s a bitch, and you don’t want this to happen to you.