The Health Department Finalizes Its Letter Grading Rules


Though the health department has recently had its hands full terrorizing indie food purveyors, it’s also found time to make its proposed letter grading system official. And now, as of today, those rules are locked and fully loaded.

Per a department press release, the first graded inspections will commence in July. To recap: Restaurants that get between zero and 13 points will earn an “A” grade, which they can post immediately. Restaurants that rack up 14 to 27 points will get a “B,” and those with 28 or more points will be dubiously rewarded with a “C.” Restaurants with A’s will be inspected annually, while those with B’s and C’s will get more frequent visits.

Restaurants can contest lesser grades by posting “Grade Pending” signs in their windows and appearing before the health department’s scary-sounding Administrative Tribunal, which presumably looks a lot like this one.