The Heavy


If a lifesize sock monkey riding a jet ski doesn’t grab you, just join a monastery. It’s debatable if the “joyride” spot for the Kia Sorento, aired during Super Bowl XLIV, inspired folks to buy mini-SUVs. But it definitely helped The Heavy make a domestic splash. With two albums of spitfire, retro-futurist r&b under its fashionable belt, the quintet’s music is suited to the strong visuals of contemporary ad land. It jumps in with some yowling soul, yanks at arms with garage-y fuzz, stomps on necks with a leather ankle boot, and wraps everything in a cleverly-produced barrage of “Yeah!”‘s, “C’mon!”‘s, and “How you like me now?”‘s. Half starter kit, half never-was soul side, and all party, all the time, The Heavy seems happy to sell you what really matters: that life’s fleeting, and sometimes it’s a dream anyway, so put on a blazer and hit the dancefloor. That’s what a sock monkey would do if he could.

Wed., June 16, 8 p.m., 2010