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Tony Awards Dish Coming on Theater Talk


On this Friday night’s Theater Talk (1230 that night on PBS), legendary thesper Marian Seldes appears to talk about her illustrious career.

Marian’s the one who gave no acceptance speech at all for her special Tony–she simply looked bemusedly out at the crowd, then fled to the wings faster than Spider-Man.

I hear Marian chose to be mute because too many winners make long, boring speeches and that’s why the ratings go down.

True, but the ratings were down anyway, so she should have blabbed for hours! (Kidding. Marvelous Marian was one of the few peple that night who didn’t overstay her welcome.)

On the same telecast, hosts Susan Haskins and Michael Riedel grill the Times‘s Patrick Healy, New York‘s Jesse Green, and me for a delicious Tonys post-mortem.

We talk about the crassly commercial voting, the omnipresence of Green Day, the weird drama descriptions (“I play a photojournalist…”), and the way God got so many unexpected shout outs.

As for Katie Holmes’s dress…well, I’m speechless.