Want To Be in a Ted Leo Video? Can You Look Like a Punk Rocker or a “Theater-Goer”? Tom Scharpling Needs You.


In the precarious scope of volunteer video-casting calls, the one WFMU host/writer Tom Scharpling last night posted to Twitter sounds promising. For one, it’s a Ted Leo video. For two, longtime friend Scharpling is personally directing it. For three, they’re only asking for a commitment of four-to-six hours this Thursday night. Lastly, there’s no treacherous caveat about skimpy costumes, just an amusingly phrased request that you “wear your finest theater-going or punk-rocking attire.”

The open call:

We need YOU to play a theater-goer or punk rocker in the new music video for Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, directed by Tom Scharpling. Wear your finest theater-going or punk-rocking attire and come to our top secret filming location in New York City promptly by 6pm on Thursday, June 17th. You’ll be done and ready to head home by 10pm. RSVP with your email address and we’ll contact you with the location and address. We need a handful of people to come at 4pm, so if you’re available at that time please make a note of it in your RSVP. We will not be serving food so be sure to eat dinner before you come or be prepared to wait to have dinner after we finish shooting.

Questions are already piling up in the Evite RSVP section for clarification about what exactly constitutes a theater-going outfit, which is more to be a question of class than style. (Is it “fancy stuff”? Or the “I walk by the crowd outside Mamma Mia all the time” fannypack strain?) One interested party felt compelled to show off his cross-cultural circle-pit/Playbill bona fides: “I go to a lot of theater and usually wear the same kinds of clothes I wore to hardcore matinees at City Gardens in 1985.” Another fellow has a guess for how the theater-goer/punk-rocker premise will play out, and how he could best be of service. (“I will try to dress punk, but if I can’t pull that off, I’d like to be the authority figure who demands to know the meaning of this.”) Good to see everybody has the right attitude.

At the moment, the New York filming location is “top secret” and so far 64 people have responded. Here’s your chance. [@Scharpling]