Diddy, To Some Terrified Producer: “I Want A Beat That Makes Me Feel Like A White Man In A Basement In Atlanta”


Ever wonder what it’s like to produce for New York rap stalwart Diddy, a man whose creativity and ability to leech off of the creativity of others knows no real bounds? Ask 26-year-old British producer Alex Da Kid, who leveraged a smash on B.o.B.’s The Adventures of Bobby Ray–the Hayley Williams-featuring “Airplanes”–into a try-out for Diddy’s Last Train to Paris. The call came at 3am. “Eight beats later,” Alex told, “Diddy was like… Let’s put it this way, he would just tell me random things.” Like what, you ask?

“[He was] like, ‘I want the beat that makes me feel blue,'” he continues, “[That’s] blue as in the color.” While disco balls shined in the dimly-lit studio, the “Hello Good Morning” artist even went as far as asking for a tune with race and location in mind. “[Diddy] said to me, ‘I want a beat that makes me feel like a white man in a basement in Atlanta,'” shares Alex, who’s uncertain if any of the records he worked on will make the final cut of Last Train to Paris.

He added: “Diddy’s hilarious.”

Diddy Has Odd Requests for Producer
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