Last Night: The Dan Deacon Ensemble Brings Peace and Love to Red Hook Park


Dan Deacon Ensemble
Red Hook Park
Wednesday, June 16

While the Drake and Hanson show (seriously, what were they thinking??) was causing a riot just across the river, the Dan Deacon Ensemble led another huge crowd at Red Hook Park in a more loving form of exercise. The one-man noise-pop hero’s show included synchronized dancing with the audience, hula hooping, and what can only be described as hippie moshing–essentially, moshing because you love the person next to you, not because you’re trying to release any pent-up anger or rage. Deacon knows his fans well. Before he launched into the first song with his 14-piece band he proclaimed his love for this time of year, noting the imminent solstice and the annual end of high school. The band played for well over an hour, jamming into the sunset with an ensemble that featured four drummers, four synth players, at least four Mac laptops and a dancing, stage-diving guy in a red berry suit. Not to mention the four-eyed Deacon himself.