Movies Should Not Be Allowed to Go Over Two Hours


In fact, that should be prohibited by law!

After the two-hour mark, even the greatest triumph of cinema (save for Gone With the Wind) begins to grate on your nerves like a party date who won’t shut up.

I mean, did The Karate Kid really have to weigh in at two hours and freakin’ 20 minutes?

A little martial arts, a bit of scenery, and some character building (and chewing) and it all could have been over in the length of The View.

(Then again, I had to miss the screening, so what do I know?)

And did Sex and the City 2 really need to clock in at two hours and 25 minutes?

It’s not exactly Battleship Potemkin — and even that was only 70 minutes!

Doesn’t the inordinate length threaten to stretch out something likeably thin beyond the breaking point and make you wish YOU were out shopping and dealing with your relationships?

Why the overindulgence, Hollywood? Don’t you realize you can make more money if you keep the films short and show them more often?