New Blog Fights for Dog Rights, Makes Enemies


A New York City denizen has taken it upon him/herself to fight the good fight against Adorable Animals in Trouble (or Adorable Animals Not in Trouble but Just Waiting for Their Owners to Return From a Stop at Key Food, as the case may be). On a new blog called Dogs Tied Up NYC, our self-appointed canine policeperson asks, “What happens when you lock a bike up on the streets of NYC? It gets stolen or vandalized. Why would you put your dog in that same situation? Would you tie your infant to a fire hydrant, too? Wake up, people!”

Eeg, okay, we’re awake! And we would tie our infant to a fire hydrant, because that would be something to write about, now wouldn’t it? But seriously, isn’t it nicer to take your dog outside on the walk with you as opposed to leaving it at home all day? We don’t have dogs (or infants), so we can’t say for sure on this, but we would venture to opine that a dog tied up all day long is a far different case from a dog tied up for five or 10 minutes. Also, some dogs have perfected that sad face thing, even when they’re not really sad. We’ve seen that shit go down.

Others are not so circumspect with their beliefs. Per EV Grieve:


At any rate, we both are frightened by and somewhat admire this new dog activist’s sense of purpose. Also, we like dog pictures! (And we don’t like people who steal or abuse dogs, for the record.)