Questlove Makes a Mighty Fine Stencil


French stencil artist The Dude Company rolled through New York in May for an Orchard Street Public Works Dpt. show and left behind some public works for the rest of us. He’s been known to pay homage to unequivocally worthy subjects like the Dalai Lama and Martin Luther King, Jr, but his best recent street pieces, technically speaking, come in the form of a few terrifically detailed stencils of Questlove. There’s the near-perfect three-color one above, painted on a metal Varick Avenue door in Bushwick, and one on wood in Williamsburg:

Another as part of a Brooklyn-themed Domino Sugar sign/skater boy paste-up collage:

Monsieur Dude also created one for Brooklyn Bowl personal delivery to Questlove, and by the use of “un bon petit moment” in this comment, we’re guessing the intended recipient got it. Then again, maybe you can translate? “Non pas vraiment pénible, tout simplement génial de lui remettre en mains propres un pochoir avec sa tête dessus, un bon petit moment !” Merci beaucoup.