Robert Sietsema at Halikarnas and Marmaris; Sarah DiGregorio at 5 & Diamond


This week in the Voice, Robert Sietsema takes to Sheepshead Bay to visit Halikarnas and Marmaris, two competing Turkish seafood spots, while Sarah DiGregorio heads up to Harlem to see just how Twitter-happy chef Ryan Skeen is holding up at 5 & Diamond.

Sam Sifton approves of Takashi: “a modest and wondrous strange new restaurant on Hudson Street in the West Village that specializes in raw offal and Korean-style Japanese barbecue. They are simple exciting dishes: a taste of passion best consumed with cold sake and an open mind.”
[NY Times]

Steve Cuozzo finds Tamarind Tribeca beautiful, but the menu too ambitious: “Over-ambition takes its toll; chicken was often dry, and spicing varied from meal to meal. Certain choices — including the menu’s very first item, pomegranate samosas — were dull no matter how authentic.”
[NY Post]

Ryan Sutton is entertained by Cienfuegos: “It’s ever so-slightly theme-parkesque, sometimes a New York riff on Cuba or Cartagena, sometimes New York imitating a Vegas hotel imitating Cuba or Cartagena, except with better beverages at tri-state prices. Cienfuegos is a date place; punch, after all, is date food minus the food. ”

Jay Cheshes gives Hecho en Dumbo the thumbs-up: “The Manhattan version, building on the Brooklyn one’s considerable following, is a full-fledged hot spot, with killer drinks, an ear-splitting soundtrack and very good food.”
[Time Out]

Alan Richman returns to Ted’s Montana Grill, after dismissing it as “yet another inconsequential chain restaurant,” when he finds out the meat is from Yellowstone Park.

Gael Greene visits newly Spanishized Bar Artisanal: “A splash of paint, a new sound track. It didn’t hurt that the colors of the existing logo were those of the Spanish flag.”
[Insatiable Critic]