So, Um, What’s the Deal With Those Betty White Sex Photos?


In the Benjamin Buttoning of Betty White’s reclaimed celebrity (see: comeback to fame by way of SNL by way of social networking site), we now have rumors of Betty White sex photos. Because video wasn’t so popular back then. God, imagine having to Polaroid your illicit deeds! What a hassle!

Via source of various wonderful/disturbing things

According to a couple industry insiders who have been contacted by the people in possession of the photos, there are a total of four pictures that were recently found in a box belonging to the now 88-year-old Betty. The box was supposedly left behind at her old house along with other memorabilia.

Congrats, Betty. You’ve now learned what it takes many a starlet years to understand: Your nude photos/sex tape/alleged sexual activity with a famous sports star, politician, or TV game show host (in your case) will make you a famous! Like, ABC News famous!

(Oooh, page no longer available.)

Regardless of any truth to this, your second installment of celebrity is nearly complete. Folks, keep your Internets warmed up, we’ll be sure to update as this story develops…even if it turns out, in today’s most meta of fashions, Betty actually started this rumor herself (celebrity bonus points).

For now, here’s a photo of a (not exactly) topless Betty on a deck of cards. Lookin’ good!