Terroir Hates It Some Street Fairs


Terroir advertises itself as a “the elitist wine bar for EVERYONE,” but “EVERYONE” does not include those responsible for generic street fairs that clog our avenues with charred shish kebabs and mammoth smoothies.

Terroir’s merry pranksters have put up a screed entitled “Ban Street Fairs.”

“Who needs a glass of wine? We do,” reads the rant. “Why? Because street fair season is in full operation. Because last year we had to put up with 321 street fairs that contributed a big, fat zero to New York City life. Because while Street Fairs generated $1.6 million for NYC last year, Street Fairs cost us $2.4 million in police overtime.” And furthermore, “tube socks” that “have holes in them” and chicken kebabs sold on Third Avenue and 22nd Street that taste “exactly like Third Avenue and 22nd Street” are “not the terroir we are looking for.”

While Fork in the Road and Terroir haven’t always seen eye to eye, we’ll raise a glass to this one.

[Via Eater]