Vendors, Mayor’s Office Voice Their Opposition to Proposed Anti-Food Truck Bill


Earlier today, the City Council held a hearing to discuss its proposed anti-food truck bill, which if passed would revoke the permit of any food truck driver who racked up three parking tickets during a 12-month period. Miss Softee live-blogged the meeting for Midtown Lunch. Numerous vendors showed up at the meeting, as did “suits” who complained “about the amount of litter that trucks create, claiming that we dirty up their districts and make a polluted, dirty landscape.”

It looks like the vendors got a lot of support: The mayor’s office presented a letter in opposition to the bill, and Schnitzel & Things’ Oleg Voss gave council members a petition that had collected 5,000 signatures against the bill. Also promisingly, council members who began the meeting by shuffling their papers and apparently ignoring much of what the vendors had to say ended it by “sitting attentively” and engaging in conversation. Miss Softee observed that “overall it seemed to be in the vendors [sic] favor. They didn’t say what happens next, but during the meeting [Councilmember] Lappin seemed to be receptive (at least on the surface) to working with the vendors.”