Was Debrahlee Lorenzana’s Former Lawyer Jack Tuckner Fired for Being Into Spanking?


Yesterday the New York Post said that Debrahlee Lorenzana changed lawyers (from Jack Tuckner to Gloria Allred) after reading the words of Andrea Peyser. Today, they seem to have scrapped that theory. “Sources tell Page Six” that Debrahlee made the move after learning that Tuckner was sued for sexual harassment by his former office manager, Lisa Brockington, in June 2008. He’d hired her after representing her in her own sexual discrimination suit.

Per the Post:

Brockington claimed in court papers that he watched porn at his desk and wore a “slave” collar at work. Her suit called him a “self-described ‘testosterone-poisoned’ attorney with a penchant for bondage and sadomasochism who demeaned … the women who worked for him.”

She also

alleged that Tuckner bragged of meeting his girlfriend on an S&M Web site and “disclosed that he is extremely into ‘spanking’…the screensaver on Tuckner’s office computer included a photo of his girlfriend dressed as a dominatrix with Tuckner…kneeling at her feet.”

Tuckner denied Brockington’s allegations, and said, “As far as we know, there is no connection between the unattributed reports concerning the Brockington case and Ms. Lorenzana’s retaining new counsel. The Brockington matter was voluntarily withdrawn by Ms. Brockington months after it was filed.”

Back in 2008, law blog pointed out that “Either the allegations are true, in which case the firm suffers from severe hypocrisy problems in addition to its legal troubles, or the allegations are false, in which case the firm wins settlements for plaintiffs who make false claims.” Which would be its own sort of hypocrisy, no?

Either way, it’s a chance for the Post to say “bondage,” “sadomasochism,” and “spanking” along with “Debrahlee Lorenzana,” so we guess it’s a win-win for everybody … except maybe Tuckner.