Andrew Cuomo Defends Sandra Lee’s Lasagna; Whole Foods Boycotts Oily Organics


Gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo stood by his girlfriend Sandra Lee’s lasagna recipe after his Italian-American mom recently called it into question. Rather diplomatically, he said, “Lasagna is like politics. Everybody gets an opinion.”

A report reveals that more than 85 percent of kids’ drinks — both organic and conventional — contain so much lead that they may exceed federal limits for young children.
[NY Daily News]

Boozehounds rejoice: American scientists have created working liver grafts using rat cells, an important step in hopefully one day growing new livers in the lab.

In the wake of the BP oil spill, Whole Foods is calling for a boycott of organic products whose ingredients include petrochemicals.

Experts say that new U.S. nutritional guidelines should focus on keeping Americans from getting even fatter, with an emphasis on eating healthy and exercise.

Citymeals-On-Wheels celebrated its 25th anniversary this week with a gala honoring founder James Beard that raised $700,000 for the organization.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

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