Andrew Cuomo Defends Sandra Lee’s Lasagna; Whole Foods Boycotts Oily Organics


Gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo stood by his girlfriend Sandra Lee’s lasagna recipe after his Italian-American mom recently called it into question. Rather diplomatically, he said, “Lasagna is like politics. Everybody gets an opinion.” [NY1]

A report reveals that more than 85 percent of kids’ drinks — both organic and conventional — contain so much lead that they may exceed federal limits for young children. [NY Daily News]

Boozehounds rejoice: American scientists have created working liver grafts using rat cells, an important step in hopefully one day growing new livers in the lab. [BBC]

In the wake of the BP oil spill, Whole Foods is calling for a boycott of organic products whose ingredients include petrochemicals. [MarketWatch]

Experts say that new U.S. nutritional guidelines should focus on keeping Americans from getting even fatter, with an emphasis on eating healthy and exercise. [Reuters]

Citymeals-On-Wheels celebrated its 25th anniversary this week with a gala honoring founder James Beard that raised $700,000 for the organization. [Nation’s Restaurant News]