Are All Celebs Compensating for Bad Childhoods?


You know the drill:

A child has self-aggrandizing parents (Lindsay Lohan) or a demeaning mother (Barbra Streisand) or an abusive father (Michael Jackson) or tons of distracting siblings (Madonna), and it’s because of all that Freudian jazz — whether directly or indirectly — that the child ends up becoming a huge star.

It’s called compensating, and even us D-listers do it all the time.

Most celebs turn out to be unhappy people seeking mass validation because they didn’t get nearly enough of the stuff in their childhoods.

Even if they had showbiz parents who pushed them into the biz, their main motivating force becomes to win the love of millions of strangers because they didn’t feel appreciated as people in their early years — and that’s showbiz, kids.

But surely there must be at least one boldfaced name who had a perfectly sane childhood and to this day remains happy and balanced — not compensating in the least, just doing what they love in a healthy, grounded way.

Damned if I can think of one, though.