Dancing Baby Upstages Smoking Baby in Battle of the Viral Baby Videos


Here’s your Thursday afternoon treat: A dancing Brazilian baby who employs squatting pelvic thrusts, finger-pointing, shimmies, and walking the dog to glorious effect. His festively tied low-rider diaper only adds to the effect, although, frankly, the song gets a little repetitive. Shouldn’t this kid be challenged with something a touch more sophisticated? (Also, he may have a load in his pants.) Video.

Anyway, this got us wondering. Remember another baby of recent media acclaim? Yes, Ardi Rizal, the infamous “smoking baby.” He showed his talents for the camera too, and all it brought him was a bunch of people being on his ass to quit smoking and going on about how his parents should be beaten thoroughly. Finally he caved and cut back.

But this guy, this dancing kid — he’s getting all sorts of positive feedback, including a mention on the Today show, even though he pretty much stole his moves from Elvis by way of Marquee and his hair from Ricky Martin the La Vida Loca years. Nobody’s on him to change anything, not even his diaper. Is this fair? Aye, but life isn’t fair, at least these babies are getting that lesson early.

Now, if some baby can figure out how to dance and smoke, that kid’s totally gonna whip both of these loser babies to a pulp.