Morning Links: BP May Owe $62 Billion; Union President Spent $300K on Hookers, Food; Ford and Flockhart Finally Marry


• BP’s total legal cost for cleanup of the spill — including criminal fines — has been estimated at $62.9 billion, far more than the $20 billion escrow. BP shares gained after the announcement of the fund yesterday. [NYT]

• Indiana Jones has made Ally McBeal an honest woman, or something. Bill Richardson played the minister. [TMZ]

• A “married, obese former president of a Port Authority union” admitted to using nearly $300,000 in member dues on hookers, trips to the casino, and yummy meals. [NYPost]

• A courtyard outside of St. Vincent’s is filling with the hospital’s discarded medical equipment. [Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York]

• People went crazy trying to get their iPhone 4s yesterday. [USA Today]

• A man has started “Jersey Pride” site “It’s time for all of us to come together and stand up for our great state,” he says. [NBC NY]