n+1 Writer Punched in Face


In Soviet Russia, face punch you. In the 2010 Russia rabble-rousing Harvard-bred NYC literary journal n+1 visits? It’s definitely not your face doing the punching. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Chadaev Punches Medvedev” their website boldly proclaims as they detail how one of their contributors, poet Kirill Medvedev, was punched in the face at — where else? — a panel discussion held by the “Kremlin-financed website” The facepuncher? The ruling United Russia Party’s deputy head of the (ambiguously KGB-esque-named) Central Committee. Apparently, they got into an argument over something. If this is how n+1 billed their panels in New York, The New Museum would be selling out nightly. Also:

In related unrelated news, the next day the action-artist Alexei Plutser-Sarno posted photos on his website of the most recent art-action by his group Voyna (“War”)–the spray-painting of a giant cock on the Liteyny Bridge in St. Petersburg, next to the FSB building there. At night the bridges of St. Petersburg are raised, and so on the night of the action a giant cock was raised next to the FSB building. As Plutser documents on his site, young people and couples began to arrive at the bridge to have their photos taken next to the cock.

Yeah, that’s “cock” as in “penis” as in “someone drew a giant penis on a bridge and it’s impressive.”

Fine. Here:

n+1: Bringing you Russian writers getting the shit kicked out of them and giant penis drawings since 2004.