Please Don’t Riot at the Free Band of Horses Show at Grand Central Terminal Tomorrow


As the newly-crowned Nostradamus of the 2010 New York free summer concert circuit, we feel compelled to intervene here, and ask that when you are inevitably denied entry to this show tomorrow–which is actually being held in the beautiful Vanderbilt Hall, adjacent to the Main Concourse, and thus not directly in the path of Grand Central’s Friday evening summer mass exodus–you walk away quietly and peacefully, like an adult, as opposed to chucking a chair off the balcony of Michael Jordan’s The Steak House N.Y.C.

We’ve seen Band of Horses before and can promise while the experience is pleasant, it’s not worth tangling with the riot police. In particular, we ask that you kindly refrain from simulating sexual acts in the middle of the crowd, as that seems to be the thing that sets off all the rioting these days in the first place. (Though honestly, if you can even pretend to have intercourse while listening to Band of Horses, you might think about letting a little more Drake into your life, violent consequences be damned.) So uh, yeah. What we meant to say was: Be safe out there, guys with beards! [Band of Horses]