South Houston Opens Today With More Southern-ish Food


Thrillist reports, and a phone call confirms, that South Houston opens today at West Broadway and Grand in Soho. It’s one of a torrent of new Southern-style eateries, including Seersucker and Peaches HotHouse in Brooklyn.

The menu is enormous, offering what seems like an unmanageable number of dishes for a brand-new restaurant. They’ve got your corndog, your cornmeal-breaded calamari, your mac and cheese, your chili and Cobb salad, your burgers, chicken, and waffles, bacon-wrapped meatloaf, hot brown sandwich, pork chops, fried chicken, and more. Main dishes top out at $19 for steak frites, a dish that’s a bit off-theme.

For dessert, pudding and cobblers, and two words we never thought we’d see together: “housemade Jell-O.” Brunch brings the usual egg dishes along with biscuits and gravy and grits.

There’s a quality draft beer selection, including brews from Kelso and Rogue, and growlers are available to take home. (Sadly, they are also selling Yellow Tail Shiraz for $8 a glass.)

You can read through the whole menu here.

South Houston
331 West Broadway